Itís only 4.4 lbs so it's lightweight and will not affect the operational performance of the cart
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The Golf Cart Solar Program

Learn More About This Exciting Opportunity!

 yes boxYou will hear from golf cart manufactures things like "it can't be done at under $500.00," but YES, it can. 

In addition to the obvious demand by golf courses and golfers to go green, technological advances, government incentives and increased competition has driven down the cost of solar cells, resulting in this new breakthrough pricing program.


Golf courses could save up to 20% or more on electrical costs associated with charging golf cart batteries.  This savings reduces one of the major expenses incurred by golf courses.


Golf Cart Solar’s program includes both new and used aftermarket kits, as well as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) program so the leading golf cart manufacturers can install the system inline during the manufacturing process.


The Program is available to golf courses that either buy or lease. 


The kit includes a new technology thin film solar panels, controller and wiring harness. Golf Cart Solar can also do the installation for the end users.


Solar panels do qualify for the 30% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit.


*Always contact your tax consultant .   Investment tax credits for solar equipment went into effect January 1, 2006.  IRS form 3468 line 12b allows  a 30% tax credit for solar equipment placed in service.

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